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tv   U.S. Air Force Film Terrorism  CSPAN  December 13, 2015 11:30am-11:51am EST

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featured in c-span's book first ladies: presidential historians on the lives of 45 iconic american women. the book makes a great gift to holidays, giving readers a look into the personal lives of every first lady in american history. stories of fascinating women and how the stories resonate today. sheriff for the holidays. it is available in hardcover or as an e-book. be sure to order your copy today. week, american history tv brings you archival films that help provide context for today's public affairs issues. terrorism, a personal threat, is a 1986 u.s. air force the that document several terror attacks, including the october 1983 suicide truck bombing in beirut, lebanon, that killed 241 american serviceman and french
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paratroopers, including interviews with survivors of attacks in greece, italy, puerto rico, and lebanon. the film encourages service members to be more aware of their surroundings and the potential for terror attacks when stationed overseas. >> in athens, greece, if you have ever been, the motorcycles never stop. they always zoom right between the cars. they stopped in front of the traffic. you might have 15 or 20 of them at one time in front of all the traffic. atthis particular afternoon about 4:20 p.m. in the afternoon, i heard a motorcycle coming. is slowed down. its slow down too quickly. me being the third car from the front. i turned to watch it.
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they slow down and came right next to my car. there i was sitting and watching them. a guy in the back reached to his belt and pulled out a metallic object. eyesight was a pistol of some kind -- i saw it was a pistol of some kind. >> it sounded like a firecracker. remember thinking that since all of these people screaming and it is nothing but a firecracker. as my eyes opened, you saw nothing but black and smoke everywhere. >> it was like a sound from the inside of your body. is not like you hear it from the outside. is involved the whole entire body. 12 or 70 minutes later is when i woke up and realized the embassy had been hit very hard. >> the next thing i remember is a loud bang. it is like the simulator
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we use in combat training. very loud. when i realized what i was hearing, i was flying backwards. >> it scared the hell out of me. i saw all this blood. i was worried about my friends that were with me because i was the one that asked them out that night. all i was thinking was you went and got it now. you will die down here instead of back home nice and i. nice and quiet. it is a real and personal threat. must the folks back home be thinking? do they know whether i am a live? do they think i am dead? as they sift through the rubble trying to find a broken bodies of their buddies. the force of a one ton bomb.
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the crater was closely examined by experts who arrived this morning. there was search for for evidence of who was behind the disaster. >> this was a bombing in beirut took so many u.s. marine lives without equal, making news headlines around the world. a vicious premeditated attack of such magnitude that are changed forever the way this country and other nations view of the threat of terrorism and how to deal with. the beirut massacre also focuses on the individual, on your vulnerability as a single member of the armed forces. theerves to introduce concept of how personal a terrorist attack and really be. -- can really be. >> as the shock of what happened is wearing off, anger arising to the surface. basically, it just plain hurts. when we get the names, it will hit everybody harder.
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you can tell by actions, it is hurting people now. we had a lot of friends over there. former green beret brian is now one of the country's top experts on terrorism. >> everywhere we have interviewed -- everyone we have says of course it was a concern over a was in this particular country but i thought that would happen to the other people. that would happen to the other guy. this would not happen to me. even when it was no happening to them, they cannot believe it was happening to them. >> several months before the headquarters in beirut were borrowed, charles white survived a bombing at the u.s. embassy. >> after i woke up and realized what happened and started hearing the sirens and the screaming voices and people
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pleading for help, i could hear children and women crying. i started picking my way around and try to find out where i was at. the when lived in that place for eight months, i cannot tell where i was at. tore up,hat wer that blown away. they flew the flag during the search for more bodies. extra security measures were brought in to keep away the curious. lebanese police say more bodies were found in the rubble overnight. recovery work is going slowly. a danger that heavy machinery being used in the clearing operations could bring down the upper floors, killing anyone still trapped inside. no one is optimistic about finding survivors. >> my information from the rescue workers is that it is very unlikely that anybody will be found alive within the
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building. >> there are those who wait and hope. is stillic holy war believed to be responsible for the attack. police said the group organized in the mainly shiite slum suburb and has claimed responsibility for earlier attacks on italians, u.s., and french units. the ball at the embassy was a suicide mission. to sergeant light, it was like reliving the horrors of war all over again. >> it was likely transported me back to vietnam. that quick, i started reacting the same as i did when i was in combat. it that i was not worried, was worried, not scared. when the place is on fire and there is debris falling all around you and you see parts of
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people laying everywhere, it tends to upset you. >> large-scale terrorist attacks and the individual human stories with them or not limited to the middle east. look anywhere that u.s. personnel are stationed. >> the terrorists struck at midnight. they move along the line setting off to pipe bombs -- two pipe bombs. investigators found a place were twerel destroyed and were damagedo -- two were damaged. official sivas this as the latest incident in a long list of political violence in puerto .ico the guard commander says it was a very professional one at that. >> a good job, you sir. the bombs went off at midnight when the guards changed. the terrorists involved are
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the same was connected with the ambush of the u.s. navy bust in puerto rico. two seamen were killed. when injured. -- one injured. sometimes, let is what it takes to survive a well-planned terrorist attack as randall found out. >> the ship pulled into san juan, puerto rico. it was supposed to be at liberty port. we were down there anyway. i asked a few friends to get a couple of beers and enjoy our last night at liberty. we were walking across the bridge. a car came across the corner, a late model sedan. ebola alongside of the curve and opened up on us with gunfire from one automatic weapon as far as i can tell and a pistol.
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i realize i had been shot. just felt like someone hit me really hard in the stomach. i said go back to the ship and get help. larry did. he was luckier than tim for me because i got my arm broke out of the deal and had to take stuff out of my intestines. tim lost his life. >> remains were only the way to the embassy when the truck suddenly exploded. costa rican officials do not know what caused the explosion, but they believe it is a homemade bomb or grenade. the exposure was so powerful, it blew out the back window of the car driving in front of the marine's truck. there are no suspects, but they believe it was done by will organized extremist group. >> extremists have no batteries. terrorists can travel anywhere for any cause. in london, a bomb blew up in one
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person's hands and he survived. it is difficult to curb their tactics. they count on speed at surprise, hoping the victims will not be alert enough to anticipate the attack were escaping. learningovating and from their mistakes and often have better weapons than the authorities. >> the blast was caused by a time bomb placed next to a pillar inside the bar. the force of the explosion shattered windows. many of the nearly 80 victims have pieces of glass and metal in their bodies. 13 of the 59 injured americans are being flown to an american army hospital in west germany. a u.s. less person says they were separate from birds and a puncture wound. 2 were three of them are in google condition. no deaths reported. investigators have found traces of some wire and a clock which
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indicated the device was homemade. the 1500 american personnel based here have been told to avoid the area while the investigation is going on. the bar is one of dozens frequented by american beauty people by the nearby airbase. >> one of those was robert. >> not a lot of panic. there was a lot of screaming and yelling. an awful lot of couples in the bar. husbands trying to find wives and boyfriend trying to find girlfriends and that kind of thing. everybody was going to the door of the bar. m at thes quite a ja door. i was not in that place before so i was not familiar with the hole ind it was a the wall which seemed to be better to get out of there quickly. >> it was black, and something
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was pushing me like the force of the bomb was pushing me. remember the force pushed me into somebody. he fell. as he fell, i remember reaching for something and i felt like the wall. i remember yelling to everybody don't run. >> with the americans are on or off duty has not made much difference in athens. terrorist attacks there have also focused on more than one service. security at the air force base it happens tonight as military officials were not available to talk about the attack. say two gunmen riding a motorcycle was an american postal officer as he was driving from the american military mission to the air base. sergeant robert was shot in the shoulder and hand before accelerating his vehicle away
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from the attackers. he reached the safety of the base before being rushed to the hospital. 's condition is described as good. >> i was hit in the arm in the back -- and the back. it has been 20 months, and i have not recovered totally physically. i remember looking at the windows all shattered and hoping to not hit something that would cause me to bleed to death. the mental scars will always be there. is something totally unexpected, something you think happens to the other guy. you see it on television and hewitt on the radio and say that is nasty, that is a terrible thing to happen to anybody. you never really think it will happen to you. -- it is something that happens to the other guy. >> a terrorist's attitude to the
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attack is usually impersonal but the results are not. members of the u.s. military were a boy this italian train when a bomb exploded in the tunnel. when it was seriously injured. than it was the infamous oktoberfest bombing in munich. >> the enormous blast made interest -- main interest of the grounds was felt for miles, killing seven people, including three young children. hundreds of festivalgoers were in the immediate area when the bomb went off 10 minutes before closing time. eyewitnesses said the blast was preceded by a ball of flame which was 15 feet in the air. many were burned beyond recognition. the city mobilized a large squad, the largest since the 1972 olympics.
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survivors fought to escape the scene of terror. as city waterfront go through , damage was assessed from what experts are saying was a pipe bomb detonated by a professional. one said they were 15 feet from the blast. she says she was stunned by the noise and cannot believe she escaped injury. while some american service people were casualties at the oktoberfest in munich, many more had a good time as you can do anytime in the world by using common sense. avoid the personal threat of terrorism by not being predictable. maintain low visibility to keep from calling attention to yourself as an american. remember to be alert. i think the most important
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thing is to be aware that it could happen. the threat is very real. bombing toave to be recognize and appreciate the fact that terrorism works. >> there were totally astounded that anybody would have the audacity to do this to americans. >> there are ways to avoid it and i wish i would have known it then. >> try to blend in more with the local populace of that country, wherever it is, what it is greece or germany, and maintain a lower profile. learn the customs and traditions of the local country so we are aware of how those people in the country react and behave so when something is out of the ordinary, we can recognize it. >> i never thought i would be a victim, but you never really know. it could happen again tomorrow just walking down the street.
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>> you are watching american history tv. all weekend every weekend on c-span3. to join the conversation, like us on facebook at c-span history. istou touringpan cities across the country. a visit to monterey, california. you are watching american history tv all weekend every weekend on c-span3. >> we are presently here at the carmel mission otherwise known as sent carlos borromeo. ass was established in 1772 part of the colonization of the
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central coast. its original founding date was 1770, june 3, in monterey. izationl mission i of california started with san diego mission. that particular site was not the prime objective. it was monterey because it was centrally located. a result we get a joint military and religious expedition known as the sacred expedition. the commander was joined by the fryer came to establish the first site at monterey of june 3 of 1770. he was born and raised in a small community. this was a place overrun and conquered by various groups including the muslims. when you visit the site, it is surrounded by massive military
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bastions extending back to the roman conquest. roman fortification, medieval fortification, islamic and other traditions are represented. one could argue there was a very conservative trend as far as catholic religious priests which sarah was inspired to bring to the americas. gentiles,lization of in other words, people not christians, should be ones like devotion -- one's life devotion. he boarded a ship for mexico or new spain, arrived in new spain from about 1730's. spain was being transformed by ideology. alignmen enlightenment is thatl


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